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GameDraw TimeCut OffCostw/ Multiplier
Tennessee Cash Mon, Wed, Fri @ 10:30pm 10:00pm $1.00 N/A

Find the copy of the Playslip for each of the above games and identify the location of the arrows and numbers that correspond to the red numbers below for examples of the instructions.

1. Pick Numbers to Play for Next Draw

Pick one Set of 6 Numbers (Quick Pick may be used --see below)
  • 5 numbers from the upper area
  • 1 number from the lower area
The winning Number will be Drawn on the Days and Times shown for each game, above.

A "play" is one set of 6 numbers for one draw.

Always fill out a Playslip for a Set of Numbers. Play up to 5 Sets of Numbers per Playslip by
Picking one Set of Numbers in each Box, A thru E. Mistakes may be Voided (see VOID below).

2. Play Numbers for Multi-Draws

You may Play your Set/Sets of Numbers for up to 12 consecutive Draws for Tennessee Cash or
up to 10 consecutive draws for other games (Includes the next Draw). Be sure to mark MULTIDRAW if you want more than one Draw.

3. Quick Pick (QP)

You may choose to have the computer randomly Pick any Set of Numbers by marking 'QP' in either the upper and/or the lower areas of the box for that Set of Numbers. If you do not choose QP you must enter your own Numbers in that Box.

4. Multiplier

Multiplier not available in this game.


It is not a good idea to try to correct a mistake made on a Playslip. The better option is to mark Void in that section. All other Play Areas of the Playslip are still acceptable to Play and only the Area marked Void will not be played by the terminal.

Prizes for Winning Numbers

Tennesse Cash winnings do not have a prize chart because they vary based on tickets sold and the number of winners in each prize level. If there are no winners in a prize level, the cash will be added to the next drawing.

How to Collect Winnings

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