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Cashiers on The Magic Mile will pay out all winners of $599 and less. Winners of $600 or more are required to collect the payout from one of the Tennessee State Lottery offices (Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis or Chattanooga). You may fill out and sign the back of your ticket plus a Claims Sheet, and mail them to the State Lottery office or take the ticket to one of the offices in person. It is recommended that you sign the back of a winning ticket of $600 or more in case it gets lost or stolen. Claims Sheets are available from cashiers.

Any Tennessee Lottery prize can be claimed by mail at the following address:
Tennessee Education Lottery
P. O. Box 290636
Nashville, TN 37229-0636

Prizes for Winning Numbers

The payouts for matching the winning Numbers of all games can be found in their respective Prize Charts on "Lucky's Lottery School Instruction Board." Some payouts have special rules, so all payouts may not be the same.


Multiple number Plays on the same Playslip for Cash 4 may result in a winning ticket in excess of $599. Filling out separate Cash 4 Playslips for each Play will allow The Magic Mile to pay out up to $599 to winners and may prevent having to claim a prize at a Lottery office.

Lucky's $8 Run Down & Lucky's $11 Run Down:

A really fast and simple way to play all your favorite online games is Lucky's $8 Run Down. Asking
your cashier for this will get you one Quick Pick Play (Set of Numbers) on each of the 5 big jackpot games: Powerball, Mega Millions, Tennessee Cash, Hot Lotto and Cash4Life.

Lucky's $11 Run Down includes the same, with Multipliers added on the 3 games that offer them:
Powerball, Mega Millions and Hot Lotto.

Sample Claim Sheet

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