With Six Store Locations to Serve You,
We're the Luckiest Mile in Tennessee.
(931) 438-3354
Your Shortest Route to Food, Fuel and Lottery.
Just go north on Hwy 231/431 (Huntsville Hwy)
toward Fayetteville, TN. See you at the Stateline!
The luckiest mile in Tennessee starts the Alabama / Tennessee state line, just go north on the Parkway toward Fayetteville, Tennessee.
The Magic Mile awards winners from the Tennessee Lottery than any other spot in all of Tennessee.
Plus, we have the best ready and hot meals just for you.

Lucky's Deli

From mouthwatering burgers to Southern style meals, we have you covered. Try our drive thru

Stateline Deli

Bet you can't eat here just once!  Great food and great service in a clean facility.

Find a Location

With 4 locations, to include an organic farmer's market, we're your one-stop destination.

TN Lottery Results

The Lottery has paid more than $10.4 billion in prizes, averaging over $2.6 million each day!
The Magic Mile has some big changes in store for everyone. Yes, you can purchase lottery tickets, gas and other traditional products from one or more of our six convenient locations. The Magic Mile has a few hidden gems inside that we want to brag about and share with the local community, and anyone passing through the Magic Mile, and it’s Stateline Deli and Lucky’s Deli. Hopefully the information on our website will convince you to stop in and give one of these mouthwatering southern food locations a chance to 'WOW' you with our friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere and, oh yeah, the BEST ‘Fresh & Ready’ meals you will find between Fayetteville and South Huntsville. We don’t know this statement to be true, but we know everyone who gives our food a try keeps coming back for more and invites a friend. Our staff are so excited about the renovated kitchen. We encourage our guests to take a ‘peep’ inside the kitchen. We think you will be impressed.

We welcome guests to take a 'peep' in our fully renovated kitchen.

At The Magic Mile, customer service is not a department, its everyone's job. We welcome customer feedback, and invite you to share your experiences with us.
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